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What does HR look like for a Mission Driven Team?

Should your hire an HR advisor or director? Here's how we helped one thriving nonprofit solve this problem.

Case Study: How We Helped a Nonprofit Navigate Growth and Strengthen Their Team

We partnered with Chosen, a national, Texas-based organization dedicated to trauma informed care in the child-welfare system. They've nearly doubled their staff and budget in just two years.

The Challenges

This rapid growth brought challenges:

  • HR Headaches: Their existing HR processes were incomplete and straining under the load. Onboarding new employees was haphazard, payroll was inconsistent, and compliance was a constant worry.

  • Fears of Losing Culture: New hires felt adrift, and old team members felt the strain. After multiple attempts of hiring their own HR and support team, it was difficult to maintain the sense of shared purpose that had defined the organization early on.

Our Approach

We brought in our HR expertise, focusing on:

  • Listening to their Needs: We tailored our approach to their gaps, and elevated their strengths.

  • Updated Compliance: We ensured background checks and policies matched their structure.

  • Developing Leadership: We brought in a leadership development platform for their managers.

  • Simplifying Onboarding/Offboarding: Streamlined processes made transitions smoother for everyone.

  • Payroll and Compliance: We made sure payroll was accurate and timely, and that the organization avoided costly legal missteps.

  • Building Culture: We helped the nonprofit assess its core values and create a welcoming environment for everyone on the team.

  • Benefits Guidance: We assisted in choosing the right benefits package to attract and retain talent.

  • Must-Have Handbook: Collaborated on a clear, easy-to-understand employee handbook.

"After struggling to recruit Human Resources staff to support our rapidly growing nonprofit, we decided to give Novum a try. Once we did, we never looked back! Novum provides go-the-extra-mile service that feels like they are on our full-time staff. The depth of expertise they offer on a fractional basis allows us to efficiently manage personnel matters while minimizing overhead costs. By providing us compliance, recruitment, payroll, and leadership support, their services are tailored to our unique needs. This allows us to focus on our core mission and objectives with peace of mind that our team is in the best of hands with Novum" - Staci Thomas, COO at Chosen

The Results

  • Stronger Teams: The nonprofit ended up with better-equipped leaders and more engaged employees.

  • Saved Time and Money: Optimized HR processes freed up resources (nearly 50% of previous cost)

  • Peace of Mind: Proactive compliance efforts avoided a potential $200,000 in fines.

  • Major Savings: We delivered our expertise freeing up money, emotional energy, and time for the organization. Our team became, Chosen's team

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